Cache — Privacy-Focused Blockchain


Private & Safe

Hybrid PoS/PoW Algorithm

Stealth Transactions

Different Mining Algorithm

Crypto Assets Intrinsic Value

Cache Fungibility

Open Source

Smart Community Governance

Additional Securities

Uses of Cache

Private and Safe Funds Transactions

Encrypted Messages

Banking System

  • Saving in Friend and Family: You can save money with your family and friends according to the N-Of-N principal where all your family members or friends deposit money and withdrawal can also be made if all the members of the family or all of the friends withdraw together.
  • Saving By Compay or Organization: Let suppose a share-based company or organization save their capital in Cache and can only withdraw according to the M-of-N principal where withdraw can only be made if M of the mean majority of peoples will withdraw together.

Future RoadMap

  • Mobile Wallet
  • Multi-Sig Wallets
  • Hardware Wallet Support
  • Cache Social Platform
  • Cache Card
  • Cache ID




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